Publisher Malamut for 15 years is specialized in publications referring to analytical chemistry. It publishes a quarterly "Analityka" dedicated to people and problems in laboratory work.
The publication is directed to chemists analysts, executives laboratories, as well as for technical workers.
The publication describes the most important and current problems that occur in laboratory work.
In our field of interests are all sorts of types of analytical laboratories which are located in research centers, industrial plants, environmental protection, and main laboratories.
Publisher Malamut also publishes books. Since 2007 it has been revealed:

  • Selen - element essential for health, fascinating for researchers
  • Spektrometria atomowa – analyticalabilities
  • Metrologia chemiczna - measurements
  • Chemometria praktyczna - interpret the results of your measurements
  • Specjacja chemiczna – problems and possibilities
  • Metody analitycznej spektrometrii atomowej - theory and practice
  • Platynowce - application and methods of denotation
  • Techniki elektromigracyjne - theory and practice
  • Analiza śladowa - application

Publisher Malamut also deals with service companies in the field of image creation, marketing and materials advertising. At the request of the customer we create designs from the basics (text preparation, proofreading, photography, composition, prepress and printing).
We organise also symposiums and conferences by taking on the entire effort in organising or by performing work related to the printing of conference materials, messages, banners, etc.
We guarantee realization of orders at the highest level. Cooperation with the best operators DTP and graphic gives guarantees that each project will be made and adapted to your expectations.