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Małgorzata Korwin
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Terms and the form subscription of the quarterly "Analityka".

“Analityka” quarterly is a nation-wide, trade periodical. It is avilable in subscription only.“Analityka” is also promoted by “direct mail” using special­ised Malamut’s actualised database, as well as by distribu­tion during fairs, conferences, courses, seminars etc.

Price for the single copy from 01/2014:

Paper edition - 30,00 zł (w tym 5% VAT)
Electronic edition (e-wydanie) - 30 zł (w tym 23% VAT)

Subscription abroad for a year:

Paper edition - 200 zł (including 5% VAT)
Electronic edition (e-wydanie) - 100 zł (including 32% VAT)

Archive editions of the Analityka magazine are available in our online store.

The given prices are in gross prices..

The subscription form

To order a subscription, please print the form, fill it and send it by fax or mail it on the Publisher address!

Download the form

formularz zamówienia

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