For Authors

We invite everyone who are in common with chemical analytics to cooperate and to discuss about the the quarterly "Analityka". The magazine is part of the chemical environment  and gives an ability to express opinions.

The articles for the quarterly "Analityka" should be sent in an electronic version, as an e -mail or on a CD.


Articles should be written in certain way:

  • 30 lines per page
  • font - Times New Roman
  • font size – 12
  • the spacing between lines - 1,5 

Articles in section "Learning" and "Practice" should not take more than 9 pages, but on other departments it is maximum 4 pages.


The materials to be sent to the editorial office should be prepared in a certain way:

  • files in MS Word format
  • tables on separate pages (not in the text)
  • illustrations in an electronic version (Corel Draw, MS Excel) or as a form of ready prints
  • photos in a digital or photographic prints
  • high resolution images (300 dpi)
  • illustrations and photographs in separate files (not text).

Authors should clearly indicate which materials after use by the editors should be returned.


Authors should also prepare and attach to the article:

  • own picture
  • summary in a Polish and English version (each 150 words +title)
  • complete and sign the declaration
    pobierz plik PDF


In case any questions or details, please contact the Editor in Chief:

dr. Piotr Bieńkowski
tel. +48 604 27 36 27